Welcome to the pre-launch of DeafInPrison.com

The goal here is to create a Blog site and community whose purpose is to raise awareness of the plight of deaf individuals who are serving time in America’s prisons.


In each of the 50 states, there is no harder time than that served by deaf inmates. These people are seldom supplied with basic information, representation, and counseling because of an absence of Signing professionals, guards and psychologists. Few counseling or education programs are available for deaf prisoners and in the jails, they can miss meals, visits, etc., because no one informs them of times or places where they might sign up for special visits or programs.


The prison system in America serves as the nation’s largest elderly care facility, and the nation’s largest warehouse for the mentally ill. When added to this overburdened and ill equipped storage locker for those we are unable to care for elsewhere, the deaf are left a forgotten and overlooked minority.


To help raise awareness of this situation, DeafInPrison.com was created. We are in the process of developing a battery of writers, journalists and those individuals who are – or have been – members of this population group.


Our planned official launch date will be February 7th, 2012.


We need your support, and we hope that you will find this site enlightening and educational. We also hope that you will join our community – as soon as it comes online – and that it can be of help to you.

Thank you for taking time to show interest in DeafInPrison.com

Agree? Disagree? Please speak up.

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