Our Contributors’ Gravatars

Contributors to this site, each have a picture known in the Blogosphere as a Gravatar. This icon follows them around on the Internet, and allows you to identify them in other posts and on other blog sites. If you find a contributor on this page, whom you enjoy reading, you may use their Gravatar to locate other writings of theirs.

Since these are photographs, I felt the need to cite them here.

Joanne Greenberg’s photo is courtesy of a book, “Whoops” by Hulton Getty, Giftbook from Hallmark. BOK2020-1501269137.

Pat Bliss’s photo is courtesy of http://itstiffytime.blogspot.com/2011/11/not-leaving-on-jet-plane.html.

And BitcoDavid’s Gravatar is Jack – the Internet Rock Star. No citation is necessary, as I own the photo, and I own the dog. Or rather, he owns me.


Our logo consists of an overlay of myself doing the ASL sign for Deafness, behind prison bars from http://www.officialpsds.com/JAIL-BARS–I-TRIED-TO-CREATE–PSD24339.html

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