The Case of ***** ***** (Name Withheld)

This is the actual handwritten letter

My name is ***** ***** ***** [he wrote last, first and middle above his name]. I was saveral hear sound low  broke hear become some fit hearing aid I was not all skill b.heat- hearing some half all. I was make behalf. I was settement to prison some other inmate hit me hearing aid hard skull. that person black man was young view person.

I was transfer to ***** correction institution would was in 1997 I was into building area first place because They notice behind me back turn my face after morning black muscle notice my cell open broke into they strong force to me language sharpe strange I was doing wrong open but they open to me first force me I was thin first time. I was started first black man sex to me gay. It was think me faggot. He forget after reduce mucle – first meet him failed.
I was nervous tell her I was moved to lock protection to black man. I knew that Bad luck news but lucky boy- before happened story.
                                                                    thank you
                                                                    ***** *****
Above is the unaltered transcript of the letter, as written.
This is the back page, written separately.

And the text:

1998 I was ate sometime all good look fat flat but sometime all transfer last one ***** institution black man tall strong wrastle like muscle challenge to me but other white inmate fell send one boy fat name ***** ***** strongest than me when he squeeze me pressure to me they around pressure home force to me deep and around transfer gone now 2012 today final ah wait 2010 they played playhouse around me then 2012 they are gone now today quiet comfortable deaf person friend new person, anyone offer me they are wape me

Below, in block quote is a letter from another inmate that accompanied the one above. It serves to explain some of the communications problems suffered by this individual.

Along with this letter you will find a statement from *****. He did the  best he could but what he is trying to say is in 1997 at ***** several black men broke into his cell and forced themselves on him (rape) and stole his stuff. Then in 2010 he was raped again here but the officers did nothing. Then he was raped again by somebody named ***** and nobody helped him, they laughed at him. He says he comfortable now that deaf are here but scared they might leave and the rpages[sic] start again. I asked him why he did not report it and he said the people up front threatened to lock him up if he said anything. It’s so sad but common for deaf people in prison.

[I am amazed that ***** is as good at spelling as he is. In fact, in a chapel bible study,  the interpreter chaplain asked questions and ***** answered every one correctly. Somewhere in *****’s mind there is intelligence, but the thinking out process isn’t there. He’s not only deaf but blind in one eye and only stands 4′ 9″. PB]

ed: One of the arguments against improving conditions for deaf inmates, is that they can communicate through writing. The above case illustrates where that may be problematic.

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