Official Launch and Some Navigation Notes

Welcome at last, to Today, March 4th 2012, marks our official launch date. Although we’ve been on the Web for a couple of months now, we’re finally out of the construction phase and ready to reveal ourselves to the world.

Dostoyevsky said, “The degree of civilization in a society is revealed by entering its prisons.” Prisoners in America are not treated well, but the Deaf in America’s prisons are a minority within a minority, sentenced to solitude in silence.

These people are discriminated against, subject to cruelty, abuse and violence, and repeatedly denied access to services and rights that other inmates take for granted.

Our Blog will attempt to highlight some of these stories, and bring awareness to this forgotten and voiceless segment of the population. In coming months, we will endeavor to build a community forum where these individuals can seek support, and where their families, friends and loved ones can meet. Here we can discuss the issues facing them and help to create awareness of their suffering.

Please join us. We need your support.


Across the top of our page, you will see tabs with the names of our contributors. Each is given their own page, on which you will find a short bio, as well as any personal interest writings or posts, not directly concerning the Deaf in prison issue.

The home page is a continuous scroll of posts sorted by most recent. In the left hand column you will see an archive button, in which you will be able to find any posts, not available on the scroll.

As mentioned in a previous post, each author also has a Gravatar icon, which can be found on the left hand column of the home page. That Gravatar can be used by our followers and other readers, to locate work by these authors, on other sites.

You will also see a tab on the top of the page, titled “Important Links.” This constantly updated page will have links to other Web sites and blogs that can provide useful information about the issue of Deaf in Prison, Deafness in general and Prison life and legal issues.

We will also do our very best to provide you with the latest news stories that apply to these issues.

Please feel free, as well to “Like” our FaceBook page at

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or find us on LinkedIn.

If you are a writer, or have some knowledge on this issue, we would be glad and proud to have you as a contributor to our site. And, although all comments are – obviously – moderated, we welcome them.

It is my sincere hope, as well as the hope of our other Contributors, that you will find this site educational, informative and entertaining – and that you will make it one of your destination sites on the Internet.

Thank you for reading


Agree? Disagree? Please speak up.

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