A Word About Our Author’s Pages

As you look at the top of our scroll page, you’ll see a series of tabs, bearing the names of our valued and esteemed contributors. These pages are used by our authors as a place to write about those issues that concern them – not necessarily related to the issue of the Deaf behind bars.

One such page belongs to Pat Bliss. She has been writing the serialized story of the Felix Garcia case. Ms. Bliss has been working as a paralegal, and has been long involved in this case, and the ongoing effort to free this innocent man. We have been enjoying 2 to 3 updates per week. You’ll want to follow this page.

BitcoDavid, who enjoys writing short fiction, shares a few pieces about one of his many passions – our fur-person friends. Stay tuned though. One of his other passions is amateur boxing. He may choose to share some of those stories, as well.

Joanne Greenberg Received and honorary Doctorate from Gallaudet University – the world’s only college for the Deaf. She has written 2 books on the subject and has spent decades working with state mental hospitals for appropriate care for the mentally ill Deaf. She offers – on her page – a few words about who she is.

We also have a constantly updated links page. On here, you’ll find useful resources, relating to deaf inmates and the Justice system.

Agree? Disagree? Please speak up.

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