The Horror of Being Deaf and in Prison

This is the finished version of the video we embedded in March. The original video was uploaded to YouTube by ASLKimber, and is a summation of an article written by McCay Vernon.  We thank her for allowing us to use it.

The wonderful interpreting work was performed by Diane Chambers. The technical magic was me. Enjoy.


4 thoughts on “The Horror of Being Deaf and in Prison

  1. I am disgusted and outraged – equality extends to everyone and ignoring or disregarding the needs of a person who can literally not hear what is going on is criminal. Silent rules cannot be rules – they cannot be enforced. Punitive response to the deaf not hearing what they CANNOT hear is criminal. Prison is ugly – this is even uglier and sickens me. We cry for jobs – why not encourage interpreters to work in the prison system. Why not encourage people with fine language skills to extend themselves into this important and needed area of teaching. Or we just don’t care – I suspect we just don’t care. That makes me sicker.


  2. I agree with your blog. I was involved in Deaf prison ministry for 12 years. I know the state of corrections do not provide the access to the Deaf for help. There were some lack of communication and understanding. No interpreters and TTY. By law they should follow and give the deaf the right to have the interpreters for their classes like AA or Drug programs, Religious class and etc. They need to learn from that and will benefit to their knowledge and education. Mark


    1. Thank you Mark, for your comment. Sadly, the prison system, not only for the Deaf, but for all concerned, is evolving into something too large, too powerful, and too corrupt for us to control. A system that was created to serve the Citizenry is now enslaving us.


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