Don’t Talk to Police – The Coolest Explanation You Will Ever Get

If hearing people can’t get a fair shake during an arrest procedure, think how the Deaf must fare.


You have to watch this video twice. The first time, you will be mesmerized by this law professor’s raw talent for averaging 22.6 words per second with an unmatched ability to simultaneously entertain, wave his hand around, chew gum, rub his belly, and pat the top of head without breathing. Okay, I exaggerated. But only a little.

The second time you watch the video, you can actually pay attention to the content. James Duane gives seven reasons to aspiring attorneys that their clients should never talk to the police.

1. There is no way it can help.

2. If your client is guilty — and even if he is innocent — he may admit his guilt with no benefit in return.

3. Even if your client is innocent and denies his guilt and mostly tells the truth, he can easily get carried away and tell some little lie or make…

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4 thoughts on “Don’t Talk to Police – The Coolest Explanation You Will Ever Get

  1. Thanks for reblogging us! Yes, the Deaf are at a serious disadvantage, as are those who may need an interpreter. I’ve heard terrible stories from interpreters who see it happen on a regular basis.


  2. Guy might have some interesting to say but a staccato machine gun delivery can leave one in the dust.But worked for the guy in the early 80’s Fed Ex commercial but ……Hey have you tried decaf?Maybe this is what can illustrate to non-hearing impaired what Deaf are up against.


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