A Radio for the Deaf

[It’s a rare pleasure to get some good news from a Deaf prisoner, and this letter is one example. As I write Felix Garcia’s story, I thought I would like to share this letter from him, with you – our readers.

Pat Bliss]

Image Courtesy Pat Bliss


Ms. Patricia Bliss

Hello Mom! 🙂 Yesterday they called me to the property room and gave me my special radio and a letter from you. It was the day before yesterday that I called you on the phone. Wow Mom. The radio works great with this new hearing aid. Right now I have several Christian stations in preset. I have 88.9, 94.5, 91.5 and 89.7. And they’re great. I sing in Sign language. I can’t understand all the words but Mom this is great. I love it so much. It’s the hearing aids that made the difference. I can see now with a very strong set of hearing aids I can do almost anything. I let all the other Deaf try out the system using my new hearing aid and they were shocked on how strong this new hearing aid is. The radio does not work on any of their hearing aids except for one guy which shocked me also. I still have my old hearing aid and it works with that one but nothing like this new one. It still does not work with the T.V. and that’s because there is something wrong with the T.V. or the box but I get Christian stations and Christian songs. Yeah!!!!! 🙂

This morning I did a Bible study at 5 in the morning on 88.9 called Weapon of Praise, Psalm 9:1-3 and 2 chronicles 20:1-22. It was great. The Lord has truly blessed me this day. What other Christian music can I get? Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy, 🙂

Oh, I like this song that’s on now. It’s called “When I’m Alone with You.” {Calling me away when I’m alone with you – your glory shines, when I’m running again – all I have is you – you break this heart of stone}.

Image courtesy Pat Bliss

God, Mom. It feels so good to hear Christian music again. I love God so much. It’s my way of singing to Him. I cry out in songs with Signing. He loves us Mom, God is good. He really watches out for us. I just want to be around Him so much. Music, music, music. 🙂 I’m so happy. This morning I prayed – for Jesus to wrap me up in this music and hide me. I slept so good last night.

He will make all things new, as we wait, as we watch, come because he is calling you. Just now I looked at the guy and said wake up. God loves you, and tomorrow is not promised, don’t miss out on the truth. Don’t let it pass you by. You may not get another chance. From the beginning of time, God has reigned and there is no other. Don’t be fooled by a false God. You owe it to yourself. Jesus is the only way. Be a rising star on the winning team. Look around you at this horrible place. Now look out that window at God’s creation, a lizard, a butterfly, the trees and the sky. God is good – all the time.

Happy Mother’s Day


I love you 🙂

Your Son

[Letter transcribed by BitcoDavid]

11 thoughts on “A Radio for the Deaf

    1. Hi. Thank you for your interest in DeafInPrison.com.

      Felix received 2 new hi-power hearing
      aids along with a device called a Sangean Amerian Pocket AM/FM Reciever, a Clarity MHA100 Cell/Moble Phone Amplifier, a Noizfree Audio Monaural earhook and adapters. This allows him to hear the radio/music (yet he still cannot discern words) and for watching TV by plugging the hearing
      aid cord into new radio transmitters installed on the TVs. This information was obtained from the
      Summary Judgement document stating what the lawsuit won for Felix and for the deaf in FL.


      1. Hi Pat, as a “young” attorney who is hard of hearing I have a huge interest in Deaf in Prison. In fact, I’ve made it a topic in a private Deaf/HoH attorneys group I’m a part of. I’m not a Florida lawyer, but I’m interested in the entire concept of the inherent problems of the deaf and deaf-blind in the prison system nationally. At this point, if I had the finances to survive while doing so, I’d fling myself into a project such as this. Alas, I still must pay the student loans and make a small amount to live on. :/ Mind sharing the summary judgment? You can get my email address from your blog master.


    1. That ain’t geek-speak, that’s audio technology speak. Just like I use a Phonak bluetooth Naida S coupled with a several years old Phonak bluetooth Smart Link and the Naida can be coupled with my iCom so I can use the Phonak hearing aid as my cellphone headset.

      I take it that Felix has lost all of the hearing range “banana” due to the issue of old infections. Has he been evaluated for potential implantation of a CI? If not, why not? How could this happen? Does he have a Florida lawyer now? I’m pondering if an old member of the DGA (Deaf Good Attorneys) group is in Florida. Hmmmmm….

      Also, although it is undoubtedly a stretch, why not a hearing ear dog? Yeah, I know people have to go to school to use a hearing ear dog, but there has got to be a way around that and the objection to a dog in prison since prisoners now train service animals. A hearing ear dog would reduce isolation and may even create a buffer zone for Felix and his fellow Deaf prisoners.


      1. As a former audio engineer, I have an abiding interest in the new technologies that are being employed to aid the Deaf. That being said, gear talk is gear talk, whether its gizmos the deaf use, or gizmos auto mechanics use.

        I’m all in favor of the hearing ear dog in prison concept. We posted an article about a month ago, about a deaf dog that was taught to respond to Sign language commands – in prison. The dog, a Dachshund, was then given to a school for the Deaf.



        1. LOL, but the gear we’re talking here is the gear the Deaf and those who serve the HoH or Deaf need to know about. ;^)

          Didja know most Deaf dogs are white? And the ones that are not white have white hair inside their ears. The hair dies and that’s why the dogs are deaf.


          1. Hmmmm. Learn a little something everyday, I guess. No, I had no idea. I do know (completely unrelated I suppose, but interesting nonetheless) that black dogs, on the other hand, are only 30% as likely to be adopted as other color dogs. Don’t know what it is people have against black dogs, but apparently that’s the case. You may notice the now famous avatar. That’s Jack. He’s a black dog.


              1. One of my prisoner pen pals trains dogs for the disabled in FL.
                These dogs are kept in a certain dorm with the inmate night and day and
                the inmate has to constantly groom, clean up etc. besides do the training.
                He said very few inmates are willing to do this work.


                1. How odd. I would have imagined this would be a very rewarding type of work to do. Not only that, dogs present a type of unconditional love opportunity that is rare in this world. It must be heart-breaking to let them go, but then another dog comes and it begins again.


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