Prisoner Correspondence from H.E.A.R.D.

This is another inmate letter we received from H.E.A.R.D. Like so many letters we publish, the grammar and usage are difficult to decipher, but the content is powerful and profound. We thank Talila Lewis and H.E.A.R.D. for helping us to bring attention to the agony that is the day to day existence of the Deaf inmate.

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somebody always fun of alone deaf dumb sign insult me  , i just ignore people , me sometime fear very danger prison somebody  have weapon  no reason , i just depend me carful watch out back gang people ,i cant hear not safe people crowded , i very frustrate my life in prison , alone 8 year no friend just avoid of people ,i just keep cool my self , ged i need more improve reading and writing, teach don’t have interpret for deaf , i need transfer other place prison deaf people for safe myself  gang people i don’t involve friend gang  i like look find friend for good people Christ person that all. thank you you listen my story  my life hope file court about deaf .

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