Third Letter From California Deaf Inmate

Here is the third letter from this CA Deaf inmate. You, the reader, read of hopelessness and tragedy in the beginning. But, I told him the truth of a possibly brighter future, and he responded. In each letter, he gets better emotionally – as you will see.

I edited it a little to insure his safety, and to give it consistency.


Dear Ms. Pat Bliss,

    I received a beautiful card from some of your friends, you will never fully understand how much and important your letters and cards mean to me.
    In prison, staff and officers and Doctors never do as the law say, they do as they wish. Inmates in prison are considered nothing and Deaf inmates are treated and considered less-than-nothing. In prison, something must happen to me before officers and Doctors will help me or protect me. I told a Doctor of my living situation and he say the only thing they can do is place me in ad-seg – the hole.

[I told him that being black or Deaf will not prevent success in landing a job upon paroling but being unskilled will – this is his response.]

I do know plumbing, janitory work, installing carpet. I know when I parole I’ll self employ, create my own jobs. I want a plumbing company with Deaf workers.

[He held different jobs before arrested at 31.]

    It’s my first time incarcerated and my last. I parole **, 2014. I want to see that day so I’ll suffer in silence. Before I didn’t know God, throughout my life I’ve attempted suicide 4 times. Being rejected at birth, growing up deaf and never fitted in anywhere, I now know if I’m gonna make it, I need God. I’ve never been able to trust or depend on another human being. I’m not looking for riches or material things, all I want is someone to love and who will love me. So after 25 years in prison, your prayers and letters give my joy, you give me the will to keep going. Having conversation [by letter] with you and knowing you care a little about me as a person, helps me see some things differently about people around me. Please write soon, your forever friend. ***

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