A Follow-up to Our NYT Article on Noise Pollution

Just one small section of the infamous “Wall of Sound,” the PA system used by the Grateful Dead. Image courtesy of http://mlkshk.com/p/7AU6

This subject is a tough one for a former rock-and-roll soundman to grapple with, but apparently the Hard of Hearing suffer intolerably in loud noise environments. Well, there goes the concert career.

Anyway, a few days ago we posted an article that was originally published in the New York Times, regarding this issue. Here’s the follow-up “letters to the editor” page.


2 thoughts on “A Follow-up to Our NYT Article on Noise Pollution

  1. I couldn’t hear another person’s headphones if my life depended on it. With or without my hearing aid. (in reference to one of the letters).

    I can hear cars that vibrate by and sometimes wonder if that is what my car sounds like when I turn on the radio/CD player. I’ve been told it is way loud by my roommate. And that is WITH my hearing aid on.

    However, when I can hear people from across the street or loud music from next door I start a countdown for their hearing loss. Or maybe they already have it and don’t know. I do know someone with profound hearing loss on one side and serious to moderate on the other side should not be able to hear the music from the house across the street.


    1. I (as you know) love music and audio equipment. But I never could figure out those guys who set up multi-Kw sound systems in their cars, and “thump” their way down the street.

      BTW – My music in the car is pretty loud too.


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