Tomorrow’s the Day

Release Daniel Larsen, Ruled Innocent

This guy isn’t Deaf, but he is wrongly imprisoned. Here’s the link to his fiancee’s petition page – a petition she hopes to deliver tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s the Day

  1. And here is when the attorney in me steps in. There is no case citation. We don’t know the history of anything here. There is no finding of “innocent” in the American Judicial System. Both sides have the right to appeal up and down the system (after all that’s how he got to federal court so the other side has the right – and perhaps the obligation – since we don’t have any information on the case – to appeal the finding of the federal court.

    Cases go up and down the courts for years – appeal after appeal. It isn’t wrong to hold him pending appeal if he could be considered a flight risk. I can’t comment on this since there’s no information provided by the link above except for something by his wife saying he was “found innocent” which is not accurate.

    How about you provide us a little more information on this, David…


    1. I would if I could. You know what I know. However, I’m more than glad to do a little digging and see if I can find something. 🙂


      1. So I dug a little more – this is a 3 strikes case, which means there are two prior felony convictions. I wrote to a California Innocence Project to get citations. Just being my normal conservative lawyer self I’d like to know more than his wife’s website which other sites echoed. It is all well and good if he is innocent of any wrongdoing in this case, but federal courts get overturned all the time. Just sayin…

        You have a righteous case going for Felix. With citations and documentation –


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