Progress in California

Beautiful aerial of California’s infamous Folsom Prison. Image courtesy of

I got this in my e-mail a few days ago:

Dear David,

We have exciting news that you helped make happen!  Two important victories today in California –
 Senate Bill 9 and Assembly Bill 1270 took major steps forward in the legislature.

First, Senate Bill 9 just passed the state Assembly 41-34!

After six years of hard work by many organizations and dedicated activists like you, we are closer than ever to reforming life without the possibility of parole sentences for juveniles. 

What’s next?  The bill  – which passed the state Senate in June 2011 – goes back to the Senate to get agreement on new amendments made in the Assembly since the Senate’s vote. Then it’s on to the governor!

We will need your help again – stay tuned and we’ll let you know when to take action to let Gov. Brown know you want him to sign SB 9.

More good news: Assembly Bill 1270 – a bill to restore media access to prisons that allows journalists to interview specific prisoners – today moved out of the Senate Appropriations committee. It was approved by a vote of 5-2.  Now it moves to the full Senate for a vote. Once it passes the full Senate, it’s on to the governor!

There’s still time to sign and spread the word about our petition  .  We’ll be taking your signatures directly to Gov. Brown when the time is right.

Last week, we printed out your 2,500 signatures and personally hand-delivered them to every member of the Senate Appropriations Committee.  Your petition signature is also sent directly to your personal Assembly member and Senator via email, and they are taking notice.  Thank you for your support.

Kevan Insko

P.S. Our all new website and online Action Center is finally here!

This is exceptionally good news – if it goes through. First, it will stop the barbaric practice of doling out life sentences to children. Secondly and moreover to my mind, is that it will restore the rights of the Press to interview prisoners. This is critical. As citizens, it is our right, privilege and responsibility to oversee our judicial system – and we can’t do that without a vibrant and unrestrained free Press.

The infamous lime green gas chamber at San Quentin, where all of California’s death sentences are carried out. Today the room is used for lethal injections; California abolished execution by poison gas in 1995.
Image courtesy of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. but I got it from

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