Deaf Culture Behind Bars – the Book

Here’s the cover photo courtesy of, where you can also go to order it.

Well, since I spent all weekend fixing server disasters, only to discover that they weren’t fixed, I thought I’d talk about two archaic medieval commodities that you may remember – if you search the darkest recesses of your mind.

The U.S. Mail, and books. You remember books, right? They were like really long tweets only made out of paper.

So, today I received via the U.S. mail, a book. That’s right. The Pony Express rider brought a dead tree – right to my front door. After Jack scared him off, I was able to open the package and enjoy its contents.

The book is called Deaf Culture Behind Bars: Signs and Stories of a Texas Population. It is written by someone with whom we are quite familiar – thanks in no small part to our contributor Jean F. AndrewsKatrina R. Miller. The forward is by our own McCay Vernon. It was sent to me via this antiquated method, by Joanne Greenberg – our site’s owner and publisher.

You can order it from

Now, having just received it today, I’m not really in a position to offer you a qualitative review, but having flipped through it, I find it to be informative, interactive and even somewhat humorous.

There’s a section where Dr. Andrews shows you all the signs you’d need to know, should you find yourself a guest of the state. For example, I now know the proper sign for Ad-seg.

I also found a section dealing with substance abuse amongst the Deaf. There are even a few first hand accounts of life behind bars as experienced by Deaf offenders.

Beautiful Daguerreotype of an old Pony Express rider. Image:

All in all, I can’t wait to start devouring this book. I think it will help me as I write for you on this site, and it will contribute to my overall understanding of this complex and difficult subject.

6 thoughts on “Deaf Culture Behind Bars – the Book

  1. I’ll need to look at it too. Now I know you get pony express service. 🙂 Pictures,pictures…. Ha! Going to need them real soon. Thanks. Thought you were still having problems with the computer stuff on the video. I’m sorry. Pat


  2. I’m grateful that this website exists!
    Glad I found you. It makes me happy to know that someone is taking care of this urgent business of advocating for those of us who can’t for ourselves.
    I feel like you are speaking up for me. *hug*
    Some of the coolest people our we need out here are in prison. You drew my attention to some of these being deaf. Thanks for expanding my ability to care.


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