AnotherBoomerBlog’s Quiz for Hearies

I’ve been meaning to reblog this for some time. It’s humorous and educational at the same time – and that’s a rare combination.

Remember this?

D.  If I come to your restaurant and mention I am HoH do you:

  1. Quickly get me a braille menu?
  2. Get me a wheelchair?
  3. Get me a pen and paper?
  4. Get me a menu, then face me when you talk to me and speak distinctly?

Here’s the link to Marsha’s Page.

I’ll add the obligatory essay question.

1) In 500 words – Do Deaf schizophrenics hear their voices in ASL?


5 thoughts on “AnotherBoomerBlog’s Quiz for Hearies

  1. And I’ll add a new question.

    If you are a police officer in a rural community and you want to freak out a deaf or HoH driver at night do you:

    (1) turn on the flashing lights just as you get up behind the vehicle while driving at a very high rate of speed

    (2) fail to turn on the siren with the lights to the HoH person is convinced they’ve had a sudden hearing loss OR their hearing aid is defective

    (3) careen from a side road onto the main road at full speed and THEN turn on the lights just a few feet from the other car as if that will cause it to levitate out of the way – without turning on a siren

    (4) all of the above*

    (answer) 4 – all of the above. Thanks for a real-life example from the LIttleton Police — I am not sure my heart has returned to its normal position (in my chest and not in my throat) during the past two days.

    *For extra points – do this when the HoH person is transporting a family member who just had day surgery that involved breaking bones and cutting tendons – so that wild lurches of the car causes pain. (sigh)


  2. This is true, and after I say it I’ll not say any more on the matter. But twice in my life, I’ve had cops threaten to shoot me with a throw away piece, and bury me in the woods. No, really. I’m not making it up. OK. Zip – my lips are sealed.


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