August at

Like this? C’mon, you know you do. Guess what. If you click the PDF link, you’ll see an even better puppy pic.
As to the image credit – I haven’t the foggiest idea where I got this.

August was our most active month since our launch. We posted 29 posts in 31 days, got tons of comments and even more “Likes.”

Thank you all for reading, supporting, contributing and generally supporting

Here’s the link to this month’s PDF wrap-up.

August at DeafInPrison

4 thoughts on “August at

  1. David, received the pictures and the color transcript, and thanks so much. That beagle puppy was one of many in a forward I sent to you to make your day. Then I asked if you could send me just that beagle puppy back to me and you did. It is my desk top pic that I see when I turn on my computer. Pat


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