Could Taylor Swift End Up Performing For Deaf Audience?

Apparently, a group of hackers hijacked a contest that would end up sending country music star Taylor Swift to a Massachusetts school for the Deaf.

This story comes from the New York Daily News:

It’s unclear if the prankster protesters were rigging the vote with charitable aims in mind for the school – or trying to force Swift to play in front of an audience that largely couldn’t hear her music.

Of course, we here at understand how fallacious that statement is – but her music may in fact be more irritating to them than it is to the rest of us…
…or… well… you know what I mean.

Thanks to an organized campaign by users of 4chan, Reddit and several other sites, Massachusetts’ Horace Mann School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing is in the lead, Gawker reported.

Now regardless of how you feel about Ms. Swift or Country music in general, and regardless of whether or not Deaf people can perceive and even enjoy music – you must feel a tinge of shame at the intolerant nature of this gag. I get that it’s all in fun, and I get that it’s a dig to Country music and to its corporate sponsors, but do Deaf kids really need to be the butt of this joke?


10 thoughts on “Could Taylor Swift End Up Performing For Deaf Audience?

  1. OK. Well – just to make it clear then, I agree. However, those who pulled off the hack were doing it as a joke. And I think that joke was wrong-minded – and not because they hacked the contest, but because they’re making Deaf kids the butt of the joke.

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