Update on Taylor Swift Story – Principal Says “Let’s Do It.”

Taylor Swift gives audience “Heart Sign” at Boston’s own Gillette Stadium.

The principal at Horace Mann school thinks that it would be crueler to deny his students the pleasure of a Taylor Swift visit.

According to the Boston Herald:

Ford said that if Swift’s peeps put the kibosh on the concert, it would be “extremely short-sighted.”

“We would have the concert beautifully translated into American Sign Language, invite many other children in the Boston Public Schools who are deaf or hard of hearing and open it up to the hearing world as well,” said the principal.

Here’s the link to the Herald’s coverage of the story:


Horace Mann School Logo
Courtesy http://www.horacemann.org

He said many of the students at the K-12 school have access to music and can feel the vibrations and hear some pitch sounds. However, the school doesn’t have a music department.

“We would absolutely use the prize money to make some musical accommodation for the students,” said Ford, adding that the school has been without a music teacher for some time.

“If the school wins, it would be very cool,” laughed the principal.

The thing is, although this whole brouhaha broke as a really tasteless joke – it may end up having some positive ramifications. It will not only help the students at Horace Mann, but it will bring attention to the fact that the Deaf can indeed enjoy music (even Country).

English: Taylor Swift performing live on Speak...
Taylor Swift performing live on Speak Now tour in July 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

6 thoughts on “Update on Taylor Swift Story – Principal Says “Let’s Do It.”

  1. Yes, it’s turning around. When I first published it, I felt that it was bad for the Deaf – another in a long list of insults and tasteless jokes. But it seems that it may work out to the opposite effect.

    …Hmmm. Now if only I could get my friends in the blogging community to click “Like.” 😉


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