Class action law suit related to interpreters in Denver County Jail

Denver Skyline as seen from the “Valley” Highway, I-25. Image courtesy of Wikipedia

The law firm Fox & Robertson has published information on the Ulibarri v. City and County of Denver.
This class action lawsuit challenges accommodations for deaf and diabetic inmates in the custody of the Denver Police Department and the Denver County Jail.
On the website are documents which may be of interest to other attorneys and the Deaf community.

Image courtesy Fox & Robertson, P.C.

• Complaint
• Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgment
Motion to Strike City’s Evidence in Support of MSJ
• Reply in Support of Motion to Strike
• Order Granting in Part and Denying in Part Defendants’ MSJ
• Opposition to Defendants’ Daubert motion
• Response to Defendants’ Hearing Brief (Daubert motion)
• Brief re: Admissibility of Events Outside the Statute of Limitations
• Post-Hearing Brief (Daubert motion)
• Order on Daubert Motion
• Organizational/Associational Standing Brief
• Reply Brief re: Standing and Mootness
Trial Brief
• Proposed Jury Instructions

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