From CBS News – Deaf Captive Held For SS Checks

The victim, who is disabled and mute, said he was held captive in a Philadelphia basement for months. (KYW)

This story was covered by CBS News, and brought to my attention by Marsha Graham. Held captive by a neighbor, he was beaten, starved and forced to sign over his Social Security checks. The checks were valued at about 600 dollars a month.

“He was physically abused. No scars, but the body was being beaten,” said Robert Richardson, the victim’s brother. “He said he was getting no food and he was urinating in a bucket.”

Here’s the link:;fd.morenews


His family says his Social Security checks – as well as his wallet and ID – were taken away and cashed by the suspect. Police compared the possible motive to the case of Linda Weston, who they allege kidnapped and assaulted her mentally disabled victims in a dirty Tacony basement to profit from their Social Security benefits.


Linda Ann Weston, being taken into custody last year. Image:

7 thoughts on “From CBS News – Deaf Captive Held For SS Checks

    1. I actually saw a very similar reply on another article. The problem’s certainly not isolated here, but I’m coming to believe that it may be even more common over there.

      Give us time though. I’m sure we’ll catch up! (special sarcasm font.)


      1. We usually follow you… about 5 years behind normally. These crimes usually occur because people have bad education and culture and there’s more and more pressure on the lowest members of society. If the elites use and abuse weaker folk, it’s not surprising others do as well.


  1. reprehensible & despicable….makes me so angry. But even more than that, what can we as society DO to prevent this from happening again? that is what we need to focus on…..thank you david for sharing this heart wrenching post!


  2. As disgusting and horrifying as this case is, it pales in comparison to the also mentioned Linda Weston case. Apparently, she not only did this to 4 individuals in philly, but has been running a “ring” of these torture dungeons up and down the East coast. She’s believed to have been doing this to people for over a decade. The more I read, the more repulsed I become.


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