A Letter From Felix Garcia to HEARD

Image courtesy Pat Bliss

This is a letter I received from HEARD. It is Felix’s most plaintive communication yet. We really need to help this innocent man gain his freedom.

Here’s the PDF link to his latest letter.

Felix – HEARD letter

As I work on these videos, I come to see Felix as an intelligent, compassionate, ethical and witty individual who would make a wonderful contribution to society. He deserves his chance.

9 thoughts on “A Letter From Felix Garcia to HEARD

  1. Reblogged this on Prisonmovement's Weblog and commented:
    What makes me so very sad, is that Felix states he is willing to DIE for his cause….why must our prisoners take this stance just to have decent living in prison? WE incarcerate these people, therefore we are responsible for their care-no matter what-we are responsible.


    1. Glad to hear that. You know how we feel about Prisonmovement’s Weblog. As always, please feel free to reblog anything you want. We’re working on some letters and petitions, and we will keep you in the loop.


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