A Brief Update

English: Logo for Thousand Kites, a non-profit...
Logo for Thousand Kites, a non-profit organization aimed at prison reform. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After quite some time, we are finally in a correspondence with Thousand Kites Campaign: Justice Silenced. They publish videos about prison reform and discrimination against the Deaf. I’m in the process of getting them to release some of those videos to us for captioning and publication here on DeafInPrison.com.

Pat Bliss’s 22nd chapter of the story of Felix Garcia’s arrest, trial and eventual conviction is finally up on Bliss-2This is the definitive story of the trial of a Deaf man who has spent the last 30-odd years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

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The 6th installment of our video interview with Felix Garcia is up now. There are 2 installments left in the series, and they will be coming on line over the next couple of weeks. In this installment, Felix talks about communication issues between the hearing and the Deaf. He gives us some insight into the linguistic differences between Sign and spoken English. He also talks about his self taught computer skills – and about his trial.

Pat Bliss and I are working on getting a letter up on the site that will tie into an automated mailing to members of the Florida Cabinet, regarding Felix’s release.

English: Chart showing prison population in se...
Chart showing prison population in selected countries of the world per 100,000 population Data taken from World Prison Population List (eighth edition) by Roy Walmsley International Centre for Prison Studies, King’s College, London, 2008 Value for China includes 850,000 held in administrative custody (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

HEARD – an organization we have a deep and abiding respect for – is working on a similar letter campaign, and if possible, we will try and tie the two projects together. Also, HEARD has honored me with an administration position on their FaceBook page. Posts on our site should start appearing on their page just as soon as all this broken code starts doing what it’s supposed to do.

Here’s a closing pic for you.

Cash advocated prison reform at his July 1972 ...
Johnny Cash was a huge advocate of prison reform. As well as performing at some of America’s most notorious prisons, Cash advocated prison reform at his July 1972 meeting with United States President Richard Nixon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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