Lipreading Mom’s Show Me Your Ears Campaign

In this rare shot, Shanna Groves shows off her ears. Image courtesy of Lipreading Mom:

Author, speaker and hearing loss community activist Shanna Groves – the Lipreading Mom – asked me to reblog this story for her.

Join me in my new awareness campaign Show Me Your Ears: To Promote Deaf and Hearing Loss Community Awareness. The idea is simple:

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I have blogged extensively about my progressive hearing loss on this site and my initial reluctance to wear hearing aids or show them off to anyone. I was afraid of what people would think about them. Would they think I was unable to communicate with them? Would they ignore me?

Not related, but worth mentioning – at least in my world – is that a Marshall stack I’m seeing in the background?

Lipreading Mom has been a huge supporter of and we’re overjoyed at the opportunity to help her with this project. Best of luck, Shanna!

Oh, while I remember. Here’s my contribution:

English: A picture of an Ardent hearing aid fr...
A picture of an Ardent hearing aid from the 1930’s. It is a part of the Orkney Wireless Museum collection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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