Breaking – From Prisonmovement’s Weblog – PA Rejects Clemency in Terry Williams Case*450/20120916_inq_pcapital16-a.JPG*450/20120916_inq_pcapital16-a.JPG

We’ve been following this story. Here’s the latest in this tragic case.

Our gratitude to Prisonmovement’s Weblog for keeping us updated.

A divided Pennsylvania Board of Pardons voted against clemency for convicted Philadelphia killer Terrance “Terry” Williams in the 1984 killing of Mount Airy churchman Amos Norwood.

Williams was a victim of constant sexual abuse by family members and other adults in his life, since he was 6 years old. While it can certainly be argued as to whether or not that entitled him to take the lives of those who had abused him, a consensus would agree that he doesn’t deserve the death penalty.

With Williams’ state and federal appeals exhausted all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, the 46-year-old former Germantown High School quarterback’s last hope of escaping becoming the first person executed in Pennsylvania in 13 years lies in a hearing Thursday before Philadelphia Common Pleas M. Teresa Sarmina.

English: Germantown High School in Philadelphi...
Germantown High School in Philadelphia, where Williams was a student. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Again, a tip of the hat to Prisonmovement’s Weblog for their great coverage of this story. Here’s that link, again:



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