Day 1, Deaf Awareness Week

English: Deaf students in the classroom. Baghd...
Deaf students in the classroom. Baghdad, Iraq (April 2004). Photo by Peter Rimar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you know this is Deaf Awareness Week? Well it is. One thing that I wanted to do to help commemorate this milestone in Deaf Culture, is to post this little spelling test.

The test comes to, courtesy of Dan Schwartz via Lipreading Moms and Dads.

It’s an mp3 file of a simple spelling test, where the words are filtered to sound the way they would if you suffered from one type of hearing loss. Give it a shot. It’s much harder than you might think – and it gives a great insight into what life is like for those with hearing loss. Now try and imagine the struggle faced by the profoundly Deaf.

I’m working hard on getting Felix – 7 ready for you, and it should be up in a day or so. Little I can think of, gives better insight into the struggles of the Deaf – especially in prison – than this open and outspoken man, who 30+ years ago was sentenced to life for a crime he never committed.

English: Graphical representation of frequency...
Graphical representation of frequency- and loudness-dependence of human hearing loss. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pat Bliss and I have been working on posting a letter that will automatically send to certain administrators within the Florida government, asking for Felix’s release. The letter would work in conjunction with one of the cause sites, and each of you will be able to click and send a copy. I hope to have that worked out this week as well.

So Deaf Awareness Week will be a busy one for us, here at

There but for the grace of God, go I.

Sir Joshua Reynolds - Self-Portrait as a Deaf ...
Sir Joshua Reynolds – Self-Portrait as a Deaf Man – Google Art Project (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

9 thoughts on “Day 1, Deaf Awareness Week

  1. Excellent post! Reblogged at schoolpsychscholar, and also linked to your compelling series on Crime Dime from earlier this summer.


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