Test Tube Annie


If you live in Massachusetts, this story is already old news. Annie Dookhan, a drug lab test tech, was arrested on Sept. 28 for falsifying test results that helped to put thousands of people behind bars. Her testing rate was over 500 a month, compared to 150 by the average drug tech. The state is currently reviewing those sentences, and some individuals have already been released.

Known to her coworkers by the appellation “Super Woman,” Dookhan apparently falsified the data to advance in her job. She is even accused of actually adding cocaine to samples that came up free of the substance. Her supervisor was quoted as saying, he “… never saw [her] in front of  a microscope.” This and her amazing rate of positive tests, over 3 times that of her fellow techs, caused a red flag to go up.

From CBS via Mox News – YouTube:

This is a YouTube video and can be viewed with captions by clicking the “cc” button at the bottom of the window.

More coverage can be found at:


And special thanks to HumansInShadow / InprisonedWomen for their original posting of this story and the video.


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