A Brief Update on Felix

By Pat Bliss

I made a trip down to see Felix which was not planned in advance for a business meeting with an attorney on a Monday.  I drove down early so that I could visit with Felix on Saturday and Sunday. He looked good, always smiling, and glad to see me. We talked (he lip reads me) about a lot of different things, but what intrigued him was realizing all the advocacy going on in his behalf both on the ground and online, including how his case and story is presented in serialized form online. He finally understood the magnitude of the World Wide Web.

Felix and me 10/28/2012
Image Courtesy of Pat Bliss

Felix’s face lit up and could only express, “wow, I now understand what you mean.” I have been trying to relay this fact to him over TTY and in letters but sitting down talking about it became quite clear to him. Can you imagine what a new world will be open to him when free to explore the internet? This is something we all take for granted but for someone not experiencing the advance in technology for 31 years, it’ll be awesome.

Picture of Tomoka Correctinal Institution

In addition to the petition on DeafInPrison.com, Felix’s case is in the hands right now, of an experienced clemency/lobbyist attorney in Tallahassee. Stay tuned! And, one last word. Felix wants to relay his appreciation to all who are helping in his freedom effort. Thank you and I appreciate you also.

Pat Bliss is a retired paralegal in criminal law. She continues to do legal work for indigent prisoner cases showing innocence. She is a Certified Community Chaplain, Certified as a volunteer for CISM (Crises Intervention Stress Management) and involved in community events.

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