2nd Update

By BitcoDavid

English: The campaign 'The Incarceration of Jo...
The campaign ‘The Incarceration of John’ was created to highlight the inadequate and damaging response of chemicals and incarceration that John Hunt got to his emotional distress and psychosocial problems. It highlights the gap in the services and the human rights violations that people diagnosed with a mental health disorder experience. It challenges the concept of mental health disorder and psychiatric power. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My gratitude to the Bridgewater State University Career Services Department, for making a workstation available for me to post from. They didn’t have to do this, and I’m grateful.

Paul Heroux, Ma. State Jr. Representative came by as a guest speaker. He has a Deaf friend who taught him Sign, and he used a little at the intro to his speech. He’s worked in the Mass DOC, and has worked with the mentally ill. He also writes for Huffington Post.

Dr. Monteiro spoke in detail about mental health issues, and in particular about the Deaf mentally ill patient in the clinical environment. He will now begin speaking on the over-arching issue of the Deaf and the Justice System.

More, later.

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