A Quick Plea – No Real Post Per Se

Marsha Graham of AnotherBoomerBlog fame has taken ill, with the post convention bug. She’s at home, sniffling and moaning – drinking honey tea and wishing medical science would finally catch up with a simple retrovirus that has plagued Mankind since Adam. Please go here, and post a get well comment. She needs all the emotional support she can get.


3 thoughts on “A Quick Plea – No Real Post Per Se

  1. Yes, yes, I am “dying” of the plague – the earaches are just starting to manifest and the sinuses are still on overdrive, but so far I can still sorta-kinda hear out of my good ear. Which is bad, because I can hear the explosive decompressions leaving my lungs periodically. How can any one human make that sort of sound? Repeatedly?

    Nothing like waking up in a pool of “mooshy goo” in the middle of the night. I know – just love that “visual” don’t we? (The “mooshy goo” comment was from an old, campy, comedy movie I used to love called Adventures In Babysitting.) Went from kleenex to shop towels (the blue ones on a roll). Gods, I just love colds! (whinge… moan… where is the chicken soup? Oh, I suppose I must make it.)

    Stay well! You were there too, you know!


  2. You know what? Me too! I wonder if we both got sick from the same source. I am home with fever and congestion-it’s awful. Marsha, hugs and love!


    1. Uh-oh, Aviva. Hopefully, the 2 hours a day, I spend working out, coupled with the racehorse dose of vitamins I take every morning will fend it off, in my case. Same wishes as to Marsha – get well soon.


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