Juvenile Delinquency: Ways of Solution

By Supporter Contributor Paul Smith

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The Gentleman's Report
The Gentleman’s Report

Unfortunately, crimes are widespread throughout the globe. Every single person in the world was affected by the criminals, and our society cannot completely extirpate this phenomenon. Juvenile delinquency is the special question to pay attention to. Everyone is involved in this problem: parents, neighbors, pupils, teachers, doctors etc. The reasons for this phenomenon can be different, but there is one common peculiarity: as a rule, juvenile criminals are brought up in the dysfunctional families. The government should take the problem of juvenile delinquency seriously, as problematic and uncontrolled young people are waiting in the dark courts to fulfill their black plans.

Froelich Law Offices
Froelich Law Offices

There are a lot of theories about the ways of solving this problem, but I think there is no single one, 100% effective way to erase these crimes. Working with improvement of juveniles, we need a combination of solutions. In the USA there have been a number of social programs of different effectiveness, some of them haven’t brought any result. What is more, it is necessary to decide, which is effective and which is not, for not to waste the state resources that are directed at the solution. In this case, the successful programs can be continued and bring the wanted result while the ineffective ones should be stopped. Those, which try to change the behavior at the stage, where the deviant behavior is already firmly stated are not successful, because the antisocial habits are already well-developed by that time. Those programs, which try to prevent the development of the criminal future, tend to be more effective as they stop the delinquency at the very first place. Moreover, such programs have a comprehensive aspect, as they try to interfere with various parts of the child’s life, and don’t deal with the only single one.

Visitation programs have the combination of these two aspects: intervention and comprehensiveness, and tend to decrease the risk of the juvenile delinquency. In addition, early child visitation programs are largely successful, as they deal with the children’s problems at the very early stage of their development.

Change.org. Click this link to sign petition.
Change.org. Click this link to sign petition.

However, it is difficult to recognize the children, which tend to criminal future. Of course, there are some evident risk factors that determine the underlying risk for crime. We can name the most common of them: the large family, the criminal parents, low family income, low intelligence, poor parental supervision etc. All these factors lead to a violent behavior. However, low intelligence, can lead to the poor success in school and the problems with cooperation with the other pupils. That leads to subtraction and joining the group of the similar children that compensate their problem in school by the robbery. It is connected with physical abuse from the parents. This abuse can be caused by the unstable position of the family. So, as you can see, we cannot take into consideration only one risk factor, as only the combination of them can give us the most exact forecast of the child’s behavior.

Bannock County, Idaho
Bannock County, Idaho

All in all, not only the state government should find the solutions to the problem, local administrative units can also reduce the risk of increasing of juvenile delinquency. They can provide the prevention campaigns, which can consult the families about how their children grow and educate, and also can provide children with their rights and responsibilities. This is where the education takes place, and if it is a proper education, then there will be more chances to grow the worthy member of society. Moreover, community policing is one good way to control the crime. However, there are some rules: officers shouldn’t care the weapon as they will be met in violence air, and they should organize the affair in a formal manner.

Rutherford County, TN
Rutherford County, TN

Poverty is considered the root of all problems and issues of the society, and it cannot be erased easily. So, I can say, that as long as poverty exists, we will deal with juvenile delinquency. The only way out is to decrease their growing popularity by implementing the mentioned above schemes. We should remember that those juvenile delinquents are those who was influenced by the society itself and have made the wrong decisions. We have no right not to pay attention to them and should try to help them to change their way of life for better.

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