Over 400 Signatures for Felix

By BitcoDavid


I was delightfully surprised when checking Felix’s petition, this morning. We’ve finally gotten out of the 300s, where we’ve been stuck for months. We are now the longest lived, and largest petition, since this case went public. As Pat Bliss stated in her last update, the clemency hearing for Felix is underway now. We need to get his petition delivered to Pam Bondi, Governor Scott and the rest of the cabinet members immediately. And we can’t do that until we have those 1000 signatures.

Please sign the petition, share it with your friends on FaceBook, Twitter and all the other social networks. E-mail it those, whom you believe can help. An innocent Deaf man is counting on us. He’s been seeking the justice that is rightfully due him, for over 30 years.


Felix and Pat Bliss, Christmas 2011 Image courtesy Pat Bliss
Felix and Pat Bliss, Christmas 2011 Image courtesy Pat Bliss

Felix, it turns out, is good with computers. In fact, he’s actually written several programs in use today, for the Florida DOC. Wouldn’t it be great to see this man who’s had his entire youth stolen from him, complete his education and perhaps find a place in the computer industry? Or think of the book he could write. Maybe the contribution this deeply devout Christian can make to the religious community.

No matter what he does, Felix must be freed. He deserves the chance at a life. He deserves Justice.

So, when you’re friends ask what you did today, you can either respond with the usual – nothing, or you can say you helped a Deaf man, framed in a murder case – and wrongfully imprisoned for 30 years – finally, win back his freedom. Please! Please! Make it the latter.

In case you missed it, in its many locations on the site and in this post, here’s the link to this vital petition:


Please understand that Felix’s clemency is up to the Judge, the lawyers – the court. But this petition, especially when delivered into the hands of power in the state of Florida, can have a profound impact on the final outcome of those hearings.

[Editor’s Note: You can see Felix’s amazing 8 part video interview with Pat Bliss and James Ridgeway, on our site. Links to all 8 segments can be found in our right hand sidebar. But for convenience, I have included a link to the first segment here. — BitcoDavid]

BitcoDavid is a blogger and a blog site consultant. In former lives, he was an audio engineer, a videographer, a teacher – even a cab driver. He is an avid health and fitness enthusiast and a Pro/Am boxer. He has spent years working with diet and exercise to combat obesity and obesity related illness.

18 thoughts on “Over 400 Signatures for Felix

  1. Thanks for well written blog about Felix. I am appalled that NAD and FAD are not helping with this petition. I hope we will get more people to sign the petition ASAP. Time is very near. Felix and I have been pen pal for almost one year now. He is one of the most beautiful human being I have ever met in my entire life. He is a sweet soul and he must be free. Thanks for this blog.


    1. And thank you for your wonderful comment, Penny. Personally, I have found the NAD to be remarkably unresponsive to the issue of Deaf prisoners, in general – and to Felix in particular. In all fairness however, one of our contributors, Jean Andrews has had contact with executive members of the NAD, who have verbalized their support. For the most part though, they seem distant and disinterested.


  2. Your welcome. I want to let you know that I spoke with Seth from ideafnews today. He has never heard about Felix Garcia which surprised me. I sent him several links from your blog. He said he will put your link in ideafnews facebook which he has 40,000 fans so I hope we will get many people to sign the petition. Let us cross our fingers.

    I am appalled that Deaf people are not interested to get involve to free Felix. They prefer to spend their energy on ASL and protest Cochlear Implant industries. I suppport their activism work but I feel that we should shift gear and clean up our community first. Anyway, Seth plans to be in Paris for few weeks but when he return he will contact me which I hope he will and from there I can connect him to Pat Bliss which I call her an angel to make arrangement to interview Felix. I hope this tactic will push people to sign the petition. Pat, you, Jim and many more are not from our community yet all of you dedicated to improve Prisons for Deaf inmates. Bless to all of you. It should be from the Deaf community but where are they? Shame.


  3. Thanks, David, for this great piece. I am trying to go thru all my 221 emails I had waiting for me upon returning from my 3 week trip. Thanks again. Pat


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