This Video Will Rock Your World

By BitcoDavid Jeffrey Swartz posted a link to his latest blog story on the ASL Learner’s group. He makes numerous valid points on his own, but at the bottom of the post he embedded this video. After watching it, I knew I had to post it as well. This video is utterly amazing, and it […]

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No Child Left Signing

By BitcoDavid An auditor for the No Child Left Standing law, was rewarded for his years of hard work, with tickets to see the legendary BSO doing Beethoven‘s Ninth. After a stellar performance of the Maestro’s magnum opus – considered by musicologists the world over, to be the greatest musical work ever written – our […]

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According to the ASL Meetup group…

By BitcoDavid Well, the results are in. According to the overwhelming majority at an unusually large Meetup group, last night – The Conjuring is a really scary movie. Some members told me – in flawless Sign, of course – that it’s even scarier than The Ring. The latter being the Scariest movie I, myself, have […]

Rate this: Launches ASL Learners FaceBook Group

By BitcoDavid Interested in learning ASL, but don’t know where to start? Perhaps you’re an ASL teacher or a Terp, and you’d like to share some of your knowledge. Maybe you’re a student of Deaf Studies, and looking for some like-minded people to bond with. Or perhaps you’ve thought about joining an ASL meetup, and […]

Rate this: Celebrates 50,000 Views!!!

By BitcoDavid Congratulations to us – – who just received our 50 thousandth view! Of course all of you helped, but it was DoTheWriteThingTampa, who drove home the golden spike. In addition to the link on this post, they will get one on the sidebar as well. Thanks guys, your support is greatly appreciated. […]

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