A Brief List Regarding Felix Garcia’s Innocence

By Pat Bliss


It has come to my attention that there are many who have commented on the story of deaf inmate Felix Garcia seeking more concrete evidence of his innocence.  I have not finished with the series on the Felix Garcia criminal case. I plan on presenting all the evidence showing innocence. But because it has been asked for now, I will briefly list this evidence that was presented at trial and will be forthcoming:

1. 1983 Trial testimony placing Felix at another location.
2. 1983 Trial testimony devoid of physical proof Felix was there (13 fingerprints of Frank Garcia were.)
3. A 1989 Statement/Affidavit by co-defendant Frank Garcia admitting he killed the victim and Felix is innocent of any knowledge of the crime.

4. Two 1996 Affidavits, one by Frank and one by his sister, Tina (a participant), stating Felix had nothing to do with the planning and committing of the crime.

5. From 2001 – 2005 seven inmates, former friends of Frank at different institutions, sent me their affidavits where Frank confessed to them he was responsible for his innocent brother Felix being in prison.
6. 2006 Evidentiary Hearing, a confession by Frank that Felix was innocent and had nothing to do with the crime.
I’d like to add that if I – as a volunteer paralegal, who has used personal finances and much of my free time – thought for one moment, Felix was guilty, I would not have spent almost 17 years on this case. I am as convinced today as I was at the beginning. In fact, all who have met him while I have been on this case, including his current pro bono clemency attorney, have come away believing he is absolutely innocent. I wish everyone with doubts could have the opportunity to meet Felix.
After the verdict chapter, I will highlight the appeals and post-conviction actions that will introduce these actual court documents.Then this should bring you up to the present where we are now in a clemency action. Pardons are a form of clemency. The Petition with all its signatures will be quite helpful when our action gets the attention of the Florida Governor and his Clemency Board. For this, I am grateful to you all for signing.
Sincerely, Pat Bliss
[Editor’s Note: We only have a little over 400 signatures left to go! Please! Please! Go to
Thank you for all your support,

Pat Bliss is a retired paralegal in criminal law. She continues to do legal work for indigent prisoner cases showing innocence. She is a Certified Community Chaplain, Certified as a volunteer for CISM (Crises Intervention Stress Management) and involved in community events.

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