Happy 2020 from Felix and Pat

Felix and I had a very nice, early, visit on Christmas Day 2019. He enjoyed the conversation we had by writing notes back and forth and making jokes. Later on, he would have a delicious lunch with his Deaf friends. The guards had temporarily held back some of the supplies the inmates had ordered from their canteens, so they could play Santa and give the men a little taste of Christmas, rather than simply distributing the goods as if it were just any other day.

Felix.G.& Pat.12.25.2019_20200112_0001
Photo Credit: Pat Bliss

It has been a productive year for Felix here in Virginia. He continued working at his job at the silkscreen plant in the State Farm Unit at Powhatan CC and was promoted in charge of the chemicals. Felix was very highly thought of, and his boss said he wished he had many more of him. Felix completed two classes necessary for parole and wrote two computer programs for the silk screening plant that proved beneficial in its operations, while in Powhatan.

Due to an internal issue, he was transferred back to Greensville Correctional Center, in August. While Felix enjoyed his time at the silkscreening job, he also thrives at Greensville and was not upset at the transfer.

Felix is a very creative individual and he loves learning. So, he is now involved in a horticultural class where they actually plant and grow things. I imagine the mature plant may be put to good use because he gets a small paycheck for the work involved. Breakfast at 5am and start of class at 7 makes for a long day, but his tests prove he is a good learner: On Plant Irrigation he got a 96, a 100 on his Tool test, and a 93 on Fertilization. Felix tells me that this means he is now prepared for a regular job in the field. He thinks he might make a good farmer.

On the creative side, he makes realistic animals and bugs out of toilet paper. It’s a Papier Machet kind of thing. He twists the paper into legs and colors it himself. Flour is not allowed, so I don’t know what he uses for glue, but somehow he manages to complete these small sculptures that Look real and professional.

One of these sculptures was a 1 foot long by 6 inches wide, dragon. It was a gift for his boss in the horticultural class at Greensville CC whom he likes and respects very much. Felix said the class was stunned with this creation. He made me two big bugs. BitcoDavid tells me he wants to see a photo of them, so if I can I will send him one to post.

There has been an investigation and a review on Felix’s case, regarding due process violation by the court, not providing Felix with a sign interpreter at his 1983 trial. Hopefully, soon I will be able to share more about it. In addition, his pro bono attorney and I are continuously working behind the scenes regarding Felix’s next parole hearing.

Thank you as a valued Felix supporter, and for your patience waiting to hear how he is and what he’s doing.

Wish you all the best in 2020.


Pat Bliss

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