Teaching ASL in Angola

Through Facebook, I had the opportunity to meet a really great person. Jasmine Walker is the young woman who sat down with Ronald Reynolds, a hearing former inmate at Louisana’s Angola Penitentiary. Mr. Reynolds found himself intrigued with ASL, and after learning enough began to teach to other hearing inmates.

He soon became aware that many Deaf in prison also have no Sign. So, he began including the Deaf in his classes and started teaching not just Sign, but Deaf Culture Studies as well.

Ms. Walker had dreams of joining the military but was unable to do so due to hearing loss. She began studying “everything she could,” including ASL. She is now an accomplished signer, interviewer, and video producer. She says she heard about Mr. Reynolds’ story and “had to interview him.”

The resulting documentary is a must-see.

Here’s a trailer:

Here’s the link:


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