Two More Years for Felix Garcia

Felix had his sixth parole hearing in May, but life still goes on in spite of the fact there wasn’t a consideration for parole until 2024. Was Felix disappointed? Oh yes! Quite angry at first, in fact, but fortunately the HEARD organization provided direct communication to lessen the impact and reiterate to Felix their organization’s commitment to continue to support him during the next two years. HEARD is unique and important because this organization is made up of all deaf/disabled people, almost all of whom are native/fluent ASL users.

I drove down to Florida to be present with the expectation that our petitions may be considered by the Florida Commission of Offender Review (FCOR) to set an Effective Parole Interview this year and soon after an Effective Parole Hearing. This is where parole will be considered.  However, they voted to set an Effective Parole Interview and Hearing in 2024─case closed on the 2022 hearing.

The most important thing that FCOR looks for, that is paramount to be released back into society, is the inmate ready to meet the challenge of living outside of the prison walls. The structured life inside can be a hamper to success IF there are no criteria set in place with plans by outside people which minimizes the fear one has when incarcerated for decades. Felix experienced some fear. Fear can be paralyzing which happens to people outside in society, let alone to old timers getting ready to be released. But now Felix has immense support from the Disabled/Deaf communities and other organizations and he will continue to have that support when he is released. They will provide all that is necessary to succeed in life. My disappointment turned to joy to know how well Felix will be provided and have a new family.

May be wondering after all these years of doing posts and being your source on the life of Felix Garcia, where do I fit in? I will be around for Felix as we have a relationship of trust in a son-mother kind of way. Felix has been my heart when doing all his legal work as a paralegal. I have advocated for him with and without attorneys. He is a decent person, loves the Lord, and looks out for others. Not selfish. Not bitter. He has flaws, though, like all of us but in his 40+ years incarcerated as an innocent man, he is amazing as to how he has survived prison life.

I may not be sending posts until early 2024 unless something of great interest comes along, but know life in prison is pretty routine. The HEARD organization may be putting updates on Felix along with other organizations:  and click on ‘Deaf in Prison’ tab.

 Felix was recently transferred to another prison and working in the silk screen plant again. A job he just loved to do and is really good at. If you like to write him a letter (not over 2 pages or send a card- letter and card will be copied, to his new address:

Felix Garcia 1805390
Beaumont correctional institution
Building C
3500 Beaumont Rd.
Beaumont VA. 23014

Please keep in mind, as his supporters you keep Felix’s spirits up. Some write, some pray, some just keep him in their thoughts, but be assured no one is ever unappreciated.

Thank you and God bless.

Pat Bliss

2 thoughts on “Two More Years for Felix Garcia

  1. Why not you file A.C.L.U? or contact to pro bono wrongful conviction attorneys or something like that HEARD prgoram. Parole are lying to HEARD group about situation over Felix.. Flordia lying for his brother … Their cover protecting for Frank and his other siblings. What is wrong with that?? Shake my head. I popped my mind.. Why not audiogolist can speaking and who can fluent ASL iand who are familiar with deafness to Parole about Felix’s hearing loss.. Parole do not understand about his deafness related.


    1. I sent a reply to Margaret twice, both returned. No other email to reply to. It is private and do not want it published. What to do? Thanks, Pat Bliss


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