An Interview With Prison Author Glenn Langohr

By Glenn Langohr As most of your readers already know, you’ve spent some time in prison but have now turned your life around.  Can you tell us what happened to land you there and how your change/rehabilitation came about? Two good parents raised me, but they divorced when I was 12 years old. Being a […]

Rate this: Celebrates 50,000 Views!!!

By BitcoDavid Congratulations to us – – who just received our 50 thousandth view! Of course all of you helped, but it was DoTheWriteThingTampa, who drove home the golden spike. In addition to the link on this post, they will get one on the sidebar as well. Thanks guys, your support is greatly appreciated. […]

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Hey, They Made Their Choices…

By BitcoDavid I often hear the argument, people in prison made their choices – now they have to deal with the consequences. Many of us believe that the prisons in America are bursting at the seams with rapists, murders, thieves and pedophiles. And that – of course – isn’t completely untrue. On the other hand, […]

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A First for Florida Deaf Prisoner Felix Garcia

By Pat Bliss [This article has been edited to remove the specific names of the researcher and her institution, by request of the original copyright holder – Ed.] Fist, let me tell you that the clemency action is in motion and the interview article I mentioned in my last update, is on hold due to […]

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In A Prison Times Three

By Jean F. Andrews While some children learn to read effortlessly and on their own, I had to wait until the first grade. After my teacher taught me the 26 letters of the alphabet with the sounds they make, and taught me 20 to 30 sight words, she handed me a primer, my first book. […]

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She Still Doesn’t Like Mondays

By BitcoDavid Rarely but occasionally, my many favorite subjects coincide to form a great story. In this case, they would be history, music and crime. In a piece for MadMike’s America, I was reminded of the tale of Brenda Ann Spencer, the 16 year-old girl who didn’t like Mondays, and hence shot the whole day […]

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Picture Glossaries in Jail: Do They Work?

By Jean F. Andrews “A picture is worth a thousand words. ” While this is true most of the time such as in family and nature photography, pictures don’t tell the whole story for the Deaf or ELL (English as a Second Language) offender. To address their language needs, jail and prisons officials are hiring […]

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