♫ I Don’ Wan’ No Sugar in Mah Co-offee…♪

This was brought to my attention by Marsha Graham, AKA AnotherBoomerBlog, from a story that originally appeared in Yahoo News. http://news.yahoo.com/pre-trial-slave-sues-jail-11-million-vermont-001819719.html?code=AQCkMsL_3WToz7P6p5YVZmEAFJNscoy1erUwdO07xSXl-5Dp2vyxZWoKVBNhcQCV_LgtZDO0d_2lVbwAsu1Ll4M7aTxA_kZSyXHHWCWaHb4Mo6vXTqET7kXohjavpLDtHw5Y_43yc_0aVFY2PKfVO9b1JC4xRQXs_IxcvYklCtTlO3Jg84VVyZNXcuWfVA7e50U#_=_ Apparently, Finbar McGarry was being held in a county jail, awaiting trial. He had not yet been found guilty, but merely was unable to afford bail.  So, like so many in his tax bracket, […]

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